The Joys of Ana-gram I

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March 1928: Trying the framework for a 'busby', a tall bearskin hat worn by some British regiments, for size
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bear sinks

snake ribs
in bearskin.
Erin basks
in bearskin.
at sea brink
his sins break, bank rises.
bins, rakes.
rakes nib Ben Ben risks a rib
a skier, sir, ask Ben.
                brine asks.
inks a Serb
as Ken’s rib: Ben as Kris
Kris as Ben
kerb as


he planets the planes
by the Naples
past Helen, she planet.
by ten alephs
nth asleep.
nth elapses.
Helen taps Lethe naps
he planets then leaps
nth please,
hIS last pen.
a help sent:

Marxist Elephant (

Well, not 'serious' poetry, but much more fun than saying 'elephants' sixteen times. Yes, yes, why on earth would anyone want to say 'elephants' sixteen times!
If you like anagrams, a good site to visit: 
Sure, it can be a bit overwhelming, what with all the nonsensical words spewed out, nevertheless FUN! A case in point: click on this London Tube anagram map ↓

Lovely jubbly! Found this on 'ms baroque' blog:
(blogger par excellence!).

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