it's the forget-the-year time! - part 1

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throws up on the train –
the year forgotten

a struggling smile
oseibo girl
hours on her feet

impulse buy
is the anagram of
pub Elysium

if only
she would bag a boyfriend
before Christmas

year after year
decorations are getting
more realistic

false security:
every shop I step into
plays 'jingle bells'

a small boy in me
throwing snowballs
at my son

by a plastic tree
wrapped up in fleece
moon out of focus

at midnight
trying not to wake them
my classic guitar

The above poems are supposed to be 'senryu', a particular from of Japanese verse, which I will discuss in some detail in one of the upcoming posts. 'Bonenkai' is Japanese ritual of getting drunk at the end of the year, usually done with co-workers, and it's something every adult must do, or else... As far as I can tell most working women don't enjoy it yet obligingly attend as one of those things. Most Japanese men are notoriously 'weak' drinkers and quite a few prone to misbehaving on public transport. 


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