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Dear Reader,
Many many apologies for not updating the blog for, what, it must be two months now!? My excuses? Well, I travelled in Europe in March for about a month, and as soon as I got back to Kyoto I had two days to prepare and get ready for moving to a new flat. Jet-lagged and exhausted by a hectic trip, the removal sapped what energy was left in me. All in all it took 3 -4 days and involved some heavy lifting, lots of scrubbing, cleaning, packing, unpacking. Had absolutely no idea how much stuff I have accumulated over the years - it is mind-boggling. Already decided to get rid of half of my clothes and the few sacks that I filled weeks ago are still lingering in the closet waiting for a dispatch hopefully to a local charity shop (I am still trying to locate one). The removal days were to be followed by my succumbing to the flu which at first I foolishly ignored (i.e. not consulting a doctor) allowing it to develop into something more sinister and harder to shake off (April is the cruellest month). Thankfully I am all right now.
I shall put up some new posts soon. I envisage my next few to be reminiscences of the European trip - be they straightforward, allegorical, associatory. I already have some ideas and am looking forward to coming back to blogging. Thanks all for your patience. As always comments are very welcome.

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