Eurotrip p.2

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A Naked Document

Remember Pisa? Of course you do.
I slipped into Museo dell’Opera Duomo
while you sipped your espresso
like a heedful antelope at a waterhole,
glanced once at a sanguine Tuscan
who’d chat you up to god’s eternity had he
not learned of your absent companion.
Remember that tiny photograph
I had shown you the previous night,
of a creature cast in bronze
half eagle half dog, we thought,
of an unknown breed?

Today, I learnt that the hippogriff
had been made hollow
to amuse the pre-Islamic courtiers
with its beak’s jingle-jangle
although less plausible theories place it
in some city’s water fountain. Anyway,
I am telling you all this not because
you’ll latch on to much
all curled up, foetus like,
or because griffins are more important
than your splitting headache.

I do like it though when your head nods
against my rigid, rounded chest. I like it
when your trying to pay attention
is a make-believe I am not talking
to the walls exclusively.
Correct me if I am wrong
but now I think, as I thought then
as we sauntered back to the car
past the pastel house fronts,
that going separate ways
in those couple of Pisan hours
did us both a big-time favour.

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