All Hallows

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Silent Witness on the telly: a man’s torso cut open in search of a dodgy bullet
as I fork my spaghetti pink-dusted with Alaskan pollock roe.
Someone goes, Our formative years are embedded in our teeth…
Now there is a sentence to jot down.

Teeth is what Kronos should have used (if he had any) instead of a sickle,
to cut off his father’s splendid balls. Nevertheless the blood
trickled down like honey upon the Cypriot shore to mix flesh with water
from which foamy Aphrodite arose.

My mate Yorghos took me to the borderline, to the strip of no-man’s-land in Lefkosia.
A rubble of concrete and burnt up houses. We stooped to peep through a hole
in the wall: on the Turkish side lookouts sat upon their posts,
armed to the teeth, smoking cigarettes, alert.

This morning this clown of a college teacher shows up wrapped head to toe
in baggy fatigues on which hundreds of frills fidget like dying anchovies. My class
had a Halloween story gaps to fill with any Halloween-ish adjective, dingbat, smudge.
One wrote: ‘Don’t be such a graveyard.’

                                     Aphrodite's Child: It's Five O'Clock

This video relates to the above poem but doesn't have much to do with Halloween am afraid, except that predominant colour is orange, and Demis Roussos looks to me like a cross between Count Dracula and Marlon Brando. Plus, if you look really carefully you will spot a geezer lurking in the background in a vampire's cloak (about one minute into the video). Very strange that setting, come to think of it. Could have it been shot on All Hallows' Eve?

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